1. 3 Reasons to Get Your Prostate Checked

    We understand that getting a prostate exam isn’t something that you look forward to. But the truth is, it can save your life. Nobody likes going to the doctor’s office, but simple checkups and exams can save you from having to spend much more time in not only doctor’s offices, but hospitals, treatment centers, and other not-so-fun places. Here are four reasons you should get your prostate ch…Read More

  2. Three Benefits of a Healthy Sex Life

    One of the most widely known symptoms of low testosterone is a decreased libido. While this is far from the only symptom, it is one that is definitely important to recognize. A healthy sex life is extremely important, and if you are suffering from low testosterone, your sex life will suffer as well. Seeking out testosterone replacement therapy in Tempe can help you get your life back on track. Her…Read More

  3. Testosterone Therapy Myths

    If you have spent any time researching low testosterone therapy, you have probably encountered a wide variety of information that can seem overwhelming and at times, contradictory. As the experts on low testosterone replacement therapy in Tempe, we’d like to set the facts straight. In this blog, we will look at five common myths surrounding low testosterone. Knowledge is power, and separating li…Read More

  4. Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone

    Low testosterone can negatively affect your quality of life in a major way. A (slight) natural decrease in testosterone is something you can expect as you age, but even this should not push you to the lowest levels. If you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone (which we outlined in our last two blogs), low testosterone replacement therapy might be right for you. There are also a few things…Read More

  5. Four Reasons To Consider Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Part Two

    In our last blog, we looked at two warning signs that you may have an abnormally low level of testosterone: decreased sex drive and lethargy. While both of these symptoms are major red flags for low testosterone, they can also be caused by a wide variety of other issues. That is why it is extremely important to touch base with a doctor who specializes in men’s health. Testosterone replacement th…Read More

  6. Four Reasons To Consider Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    Testosterone is an important hormone that helps to regulate a wide variety of functions in the male (and female) body. Most men will see their testosterone levels decrease slightly every year after the age of 30. While this slight decline is perfectly normal, some men see major drop offs in their testosterone levels. A major drop off is out of the ordinary, and should be addressed. With testostero…Read More

  7. How Does Booze Affect Testosterone?

    If you’re going through testosterone replacement therapy, you might be worried that you have to make changes to your lifestyle. Maybe you need to modify your exercise plan. Perhaps you need to make changes to what you eat. But what if you enjoy a good beer, a nice glass of wine, or a marvelous scotch? It’s a good news/bad news scenario. Here’s the bad news. Alcohol is the mortal enemy of tes…Read More

  8. Common Effects Of Low Testosterone

    Diagnosing a problem with your testosterone levels can be tricky. In fact, one of the greatest difficulties is the fact that, like any medical condition, symptoms can vary widely from person to person. Maybe you think you’re suffering from low testosterone, and if so, it’s more common than you might think. The first step towards recovery is talking with your medical professional and sharing yo…Read More

  9. Can Testosterone Help You Drop Pounds?

    There has been some talk about the efficiency of testosterone as a wonder drug when it comes to weight loss and building muscle. While it can help with those aspects, like so many things, it’s just not that simple. Let’s break down the myth and talk about what testosterone really does. You probably know that low testosterone can affect you physically, mentally, and sexually. Some of the physic…Read More

  10. We’re Not Single Hormone Guys

    If you’re on this website and you’re reading this blog or any of the other information we offer, the odds are you have a concern about your hormone levels. There might be a number of concerns, such as energy levels, sexual health, or weight loss. When you visit us at Men’s Vitality Center, testosterone replacement therapy might be in the forefront of your mind. But before we take that step, …Read More