1. The Importance of Regular Exams

    If you’re like most men, then you probably don’t schedule regular physical exams as often as you should. Much like flossing your teeth, it’s all too easy to procrastinate and put off physical exams until you can’t remember the last time you scheduled one. Physical exams are incredibly important, and in today’s post, we’ll explain why you should make regular exams a priority in your lif…Read More

  2. The Importance Of Men’s Health

    When it comes to prevention and early detection, men’s health often takes a back seat to women’s health. However, research shows that compared to women, men are more likely to smoke and drink alcohol and lead less healthy lifestyles. In addition, men are more likely to put off routine checkups and also delay seeking men’s health services in Tempe for symptoms of a health problem. Compared to…Read More

  3. What To Expect During Your Annual Physical

    Some men avoid physicals unless they absolutely have to get one. However, knowing what to expect during your physical exam will certainly ease your mind and make things go smoothly. Our men’s internal medicine services in Tempe offer premier men’s healthcare in a comfortable and friendly environment. Here are few things to expect. Testicular Exam A doctor can check the testicles for lumps, ten…Read More